GeoHoliday Club Reviews a Common Taxi Scam When Traveling

GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team says that whether you’re travelling to a foreign country or just checking out your local city, it is important that you are aware of a sneaky travel scam that can leave your wallet empty.

All around the world, taxi drivers make their money by the hour. You know the deal – the longer the taxi driver drives, the more they are paid. Oftentimes we sit in agony watching the tally increase by the minute, and there are ways that drivers can make this amount go up even higher.

If you are traveling to, or in an unknown location, then chances are you do not know your way around at all. This allows the taxi driver to conveniently “get lost”, or even appear as if they are confidently taking the shortest route when you come to find out they conveniently took the “long way.”

GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team says that while not all cab drivers are going to do this, but get in that cab prepared that it could certainly happen. If you are traveling to a new area, then you should be sure to check out a map ahead of time. Get a decent visual of some street names and an approximate mileage amount. This will help you use your intuition to determine whether or not you are being taken advantage of. You can also tell the driver the exact route that you would like to take.

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Geo Holiday Warns of Leather Jacket Scam

The Geo Holiday Club scam awareness team knows that many people cannot pass up a good deal. However, for travelers, their want of getting a good price on something to take home while they are on vacation could hurt them. Not only do they sometimes pay higher prices on souvenirs, if they are not careful, they may fall victim to a scam such as the leather jacket scam.

This ploy happens when a scam artist targets a tourist to take advantage of. They will introduce themselves and explain that they sell leather jackets. They will then ask the tourist for help with something, they may ask for directions or ask for the time, and get the tourist talking. After the scam artist familiarizes himself with the tourist a bit, he will thank them for their help, go to his car, and offer them one of his expensive leather jackets. The scam artist will take advantage of the tourist by either offering the jacket at a discounted price, as thanks for their help, or telling them they can have it as a gift, and then remembering that they left their wallet at home and ask for some money for gas or another expense. The tourist will not realize until much later that the jacket is not really leather but some other cheap material that is not worth the money they put out for it.

The Geo Holiday Club scam awareness team reminds travelers that it is best to not accept any too good to be offers no matter where you are traveling. It is the best way to make sure that you are not taken advantage of.

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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Squad Shares The Kind Stranger Scam

Individuals vacationing in new areas may be unaware of where to go for entertainment. Researching online or asking the information desk at a hotel is a often way to remedy this. However, GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention squad warns that there is one particular method vacationers should stay away from.

A traveler could be met by a stranger in a public place and make conversation. In a very short time, the stranger will then act as if the two are great friends. Asking the traveler about plans in the area, the answer could be specific or the traveler might not know what to do. The seemingly kind stranger can then mention that there is just the right place for the traveler to go.

The place recommended could be a music venue or neighborhood bar. Agreeing to go could result in being involved in a scam. In the event it is a music venue, the traveler might discover a cover free that is mandatory for admittance and there is in fact no music as mentioned. Prior to the traveler realizing this, the stranger will vanish.

Another form of the scam will involve the stranger taking the traveler to a bar to drink. Later in the evening, the stranger will be gone, leaving the traveler with a hefty bill to pay. Therefore, GeoHoliday Club Scam prevention squad warns it is important for travelers to be careful when approached by kind strangers.

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GeoHoliday Club Bewares You Of The Delivery Food Scam At Hotels

GeoHoliday Club members mention that when a traveler checks into a hotel room, they often look at all of the different materials that are spread around the room. There will be a book that tells them the important phone numbers for the hotel, the television stations that are available and many other things. Many hotels also have agreements with local businesses to advertise the business in their rooms. Hotel guests believe that all of the material they find in a hotel room is authorized by the hotel, but they could be wrong. Scam artists often put menus for restaurant delivery services in the room without the hotels knowledge.

The scam is fairly simple remind the members of GeoHoliday Club. A hotel guest sees the menu and calls the number to order some food. When they order the food, they are asked for a credit card to pay for it. Once they give that credit card information, the scam artist will use it to make purchases. There will not be any food delivered to the guest. The guest will be hungry and could be stuck with a large credit card bill.

GeoHoliday Club advises that stopping such scams requires a little thought. Instead of trusting the hotel to make sure that all of the menus in the rooms are legitimate, take some time during your day to find restaurants that you know are real. You can collect menus while you are traveling. If you cannot do this, consider asking the front desk for places they recommend. They will usually know of good places that will deliver. The little bit of effort that it takes to do this is worth it if you do not want to be a victim of a scam remind the members of the Scam Avoidance Squad.

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GeoHoliday Club Members Alert You To Watch Out For The Front Desk Hotel Scam

GeoHoliday Club members advice that if you are staying in a hotel and get a phone call in the middle of the night while you are sleeping, you need to be careful. It could be the start of the scam that costs you a lot of money. The scam is fairly basic and very effective.

  • The call will be from the front desk or from the accounting office of the hotel. They will claim their credit card machine was broken when you checked in and they need to rerun your credit card. For your convenience, they will offer to take your credit card number over the phone and allow you to go back to sleep.

GeoHoliday Club members say the problem is the caller as he is not associated with the hotel. They are a scam artist that will use your credit card to buy things with. They call in the middle of the night because they know the guests in a hotel are sleeping. They realize that travelers do not always think clearly when they are awoken and will be more likely to fall for this ruse. They also know that they can easily call hotels rooms directly and there is no way a guest will know where they are calling from. All of these things can be a problem for a guest in a hotel.

GeoHoliday Club says that if a guest takes a second to think about the phone call, they may realize it is a scam. They can offer to go to the front desk in person to fix the problem. If the caller insists that is not necessary, they are probably a scammer. Hang up the phone and notify the front desk about what happened alert the members of the Scam Avoidance Team.

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GeoHoliday Club Recommends You To Use Bio-Degradable Products For Your Camping Adventures

GeoHoliday Club offers you camping tips so that your camping experience is more enjoyable and fun. Even the most seasoned campers were once beginners and these tips will help the campers avoid painful experiences during their camping trips.

GeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance Team makes you realize that when you opt for a camping trip you should remember that you are using an area of outstanding natural beauty as a temporary base for your camping holiday. And so in this era of climate changes you need to do things the right way so that you don’t leave back negative effects on the environment. You need to follow the camping rules because if you fail to follow them you will be upsetting the wildlife and may even end up damaging the environment. You should consider these important factors as this way the natural area and habitat of the wildlife will be the protected while you camp there.

GeoHoliday Club members say that you should carry biodegradable items with you on your camping trip as this way you will be playing your part in conserving and protecting the environment. Biodegradable products create the least damage and so it’s best for everyone to use products made of biodegradable components so that there is less environmental damage. The products that are being commonly used nowadays for camping are usually made of biodegradable materials and this is done in order to minimize the damage to the environment.

GeoHoliday Club also advices tourists who want to enjoy a camping trip that they should try to follow the code of the countryside that they plan to camp in as this way they will learn to respect the area and the wildlife that lives in it. You should avoid throwing litter as it will create problems for the wildlife living there and the plants that grow in the area. There are no proper litter bins on your outdoor camping sites and so you need to carry all your litter and dispose it of in the proper way when you find an appropriate place.

GeoHoliday Club tries to make it easy for travelers who are interested in an outdoor adventure as this will really help them to enjoy the outdoors and experience a close encounter with nature.

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GeoHoliday Club Shares 5 Ways to Avoid Internet Travel Scams

Many people are turning to the internet to book their travel plans. GeoHoliday Club states that it is an easy way to make your plans and it can help you save money. If you are not careful, it is also a way to get cheated out of your money.

GeoHoliday Club points out some things that you should be aware of if you are booking your travel online. The scam prevention team had come up with five tips that can help you book your travel plans on the internet safely. If you follow these, you are less likely to have any problems.

  • Work with reputable companies – GeoHoliday Club believes that before you sign anything, it is very important that you check out the reputation of the company you are dealing with. The internet has plenty of sites that can help you do this. Avoid travel companies with a bad reputation.
  • Meet the people you are dealing with – This may not be possible all of the times, but when you can meet the people you are working on the internet with.
  • Pay by credit card – You will often get more protection when you pay by credit card than you do if you pay by check or cash.
  • Ask what the cancellation policies are – You need to know what happens if your plans are cancelled and what the options are for you in these events.
  • Get things in writing – Make sure you have receipts and confirmation numbers for anything that you book. If they do not offer these things be careful, this might be a scam.

These tips can help you avoid problems, but they do not guarantee anything. Make sure you are careful when booking travel online to avoid any problems

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Geo Holiday Club Warns Of the Talkative Driver Scam

Geo Holiday Club understands that whenever you are in a foreign place, you will not be able to traverse the whole area on foot and not get lost. For this reason there are taxis, which offer the perfect service for strangers visiting a strange land. Geo Holiday Club warns however that this does not mean that they can’t scam you.

You want to get from point A to point B, but you don’t know the way at all. When you get into the taxi, the driver starts talking with you. You like the guy, you indulge in very pleasant conversation and you do not know how much time has passed. When you get off the taxi, you pay the fare, it seems a bit high, but you can’t decide since you are in a new place. You have however been scammed out of your money and you need to learn how to protect yourself.

For this reason, Geo Holiday Club warns that you need to be careful at best. When you decide to go to a place, access the internet beforehand. Study the map and see how the quickest route to your destination goes. If you see that the driver is taking you away, make sure you ask them why they are doing that. If they stutter in their answer, or give out any other sign, they might be in the middle of pulling a scam on you. Take things in your hands and leave the cab as quickly as possible, before you end up paying even more.

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Geo Holiday Club Scam Awareness Squad Describes Practicing Scam Prevention with the Front Desk

Geo Holiday Club Scam Awareness Squad realizes that when you are traveling, the hotel or resort you are staying in becomes your home away from home. Most people want to feel safe in the home they are staying in and hotels work hard to make sure that their guests are in the safest environment possible. Despite all of their efforts, the Geo Holiday Club Scam Awareness Squad still posts alerts about things that can happen when people are staying in a hotel or resort. One of the things to watch out for is a phone call from the front desk.

There are many reasons that the front desk may try to contact a guest in their room. This will usually happen during normal business hours. If you receive a phone call from the front desk in the middle of the night, you might want to make sure that your scam prevention radar is turned on.

What Happens

The phone rings and wakes you up. The person on the other end of the line says that they are calling from the front desk and that there was a problem with the credit card you used. They ask you to confirm the credit card number. In your stupor, you grab your card and give them the number.

Geo Holiday Club Scam Awareness Squad warns that the person that was calling was not from the front desk. They are calling people in attempt to steal the credit card numbers travelers. It is relatively easy to practice scam prevention in this case. You can tell the caller that you will go down to the front desk and deal with the issue in person. Hang up and contact the front desk. Problem solved.

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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Squad Cautions about Coin Collecting Kids

GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team knows that when you are traveling overseas you might be approached by young children asking if you would be willing to trade some of their local coins for any coins of your home currency.  They will explain that they are coin collectors looking to add to their collection.  Many times these children speak English and appear genuinely excited about their collection and the possibility of adding to it.  Many times travelers will be taken with the youngster’s interest in collecting and are happy to help expand their collection.  GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team knows that they will often offer them coins or sometime small bills without asking for an exchange thinking that they are contributing to a youngster’s innocent and somewhat scholarly interest.

Chances are however these kids are not global coin collectors.  Chances are they are working to make money because most people will just give them a few coins.  While it is just a couple of coins it can mean a dissent income for a young kid after collecting from a few different people.  The kids will take their coins to an exchange location or often times a shopkeeper that keeps other currencies to use as change for customers. GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team understands that, while this scam is really of very little harm to you, it is not good to promote this behavior.

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